Useful Work, Inc.

Useful Work, Inc. is a business venture of Stefan Sharkansky

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"Computer programs can also do useful work"
Donald Knuth, Literate Programming

"Energies which, if canalized and directed, can be made to do useful work and ring up handsome profits."
Aldous Huxley, Adonis & Alphabet

"We have no place here for those who like to meditate, unless the meditation ultimates in useful work."
Laurence Oliphant, Letters

"It has been five years now since I have seen a tree or flower or woman or child -- or a dog or a cat or a place of entertainment, or a human being doing useful work of any kind."
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Slaughterhouse-Five

"Throw out the profit and rent hogs, and increase the living standards of the people who do the useful work."
James P. Cannon., The Two Americas